We had an amazing reception to our February 8th broadcast and garnered press on
NPR, CNN, CBS, PBS, and the New York Times and had over 120,000 streams on pbs.org
Now we want to turn that momentum into a National Outreach and Engagement Campaign.
Women aren’t the only solution.  As we hope the film shows, we need major systemic changes.
But women tend to come into policing to serve communities not just to enforce laws
They use 8.5 times less excessive force than their male counterparts
And deescalate situations before they turn deadly. 
Yet for the last 30 years, their numbers have remained stagnant at 12% of departments nationwide
Help us fund a national campaign
That raises the issues of what women — especially Black women — could bring,
then moves the needle towards change by getting decision-makers to:
Change entry requirements that focus on speed/upper body strength
& discriminate against women and men of small stature
Put in mechanisms that protect women officers from harassment so they can thrive.
Please help us get to our $100,000 goal.  No donation is too small.
All donations are tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor Women Make Movies.
Thank you in advance for any support!